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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

APS Foundations

See ‘Foundations: Liberal Arts Learning at Asbury ’ for Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) of Foundations.

Courses for Foundations in the APS Program (48 credits)

Complete any specific courses listed, plus complete courses within specified listed content areas to satisfy Foundations Liberal Arts requirements for each Student Learning Outcome (SLO).

SLO 1: Integrating Christian Faith & Culture (9 credits)

SLO 2: Discover Human Thought/Creative Expression (21 credits)


  • Communication or Writing course (3)
  • Communication or Writing course (3)
  • Literature course (3)
  • Humanities course (3) 
  • Humanities course (3) 
  • Humanities course (3)

     - i.e. Philosophy, Literature, Cultural Studies, Music/Art/Theatre Appreciation

SLO 3: Engaging Society & Global Responsibility (9 credits)

  • History course (3)
  • Social Science course (3)
  • Social Science course (3)

     - i.e. Sociology, Psychology, History, and Political Science

SLO 4: Achieving Quantitative & Critical Literacy (6 credits)

  • Mathematics course (3) [must be College Algebra or higher]
  • Mathematics, Science and/or Computer Technology course (3)

SLO 5: Searching the Natural World and Environment (3 credits)

  • Science course (3)

Satisfying Foundations Requirement

  1. Completion of the courses in Foundations is required for a degree (associate or bachelor).
  2. Some courses required in a major may also satisfy a Foundations course. See each individual major for specifics. Students meeting any Foundations requirement with major courses, or by waivers of any kind, must still meet the total credit hours required to graduate with a degree.
    • Students with waivers of any Foundations requirement must still meet the minimum credits required for graduation (60 for Associate’s, and 124 for Bachelor’s degree).
    • APS students who transfer to the Traditional Undergraduate program for a degree will be required to complete all different or additional courses for Foundations required in that program.
    • The above requirements satisfy the associate and bachelor degrees; additional requirements may be necessary to complete teacher certification. Contact School of Education for details.
    • Fulfillment of all degree requirements is the student’s responsibility.

Students in the APS programs are subject to all Undergraduate Academic Policies  in this Academic Catalog unless the policy is specifically labeled for Traditional Undergraduate program.