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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Public Health, B.S.

The Public Health major prepares students to assess and respond to the evolving health needs of communities through research, practice, policy and education. The program emphasizes strategic approaches to improving the conditions and behaviors that affect the health of people regionally, nationally and globally. Students completing this major will be equipped to pursue careers in government, public health organizations, epidemiology, biostatistics, community health centers, health care administration, and related areas. The program also provides a strong foundation for graduate-level studies in public health and other health-related disciplines. This major combines a core program emphasizing foundational principles of epidemiology, population health, community and global health, and biostatistics. Students will be equipped to use fundamental public health strategies for disease prevention, utilize and apply statistical and epidemiological principles to assess public health concerns, and identify and characterize social and environmental determinants of health.

To graduate must complete all major requirements, foundations requirements, and additional electives needed for 124 hour minimum degree requirement.

Foundations Required (36)

(48 less 3 hours Social Science, 3 hours Math/Sci/Tech, and 3 hours Science satisfied by required major courses.)

Required Composition level (3)


  • ___   ___   Communication and/or Writing course (3)
  • ___   ___   Communication and/or Writing course (3)
  • ___   ___   Literature course (3)
  • ___   ___   Humanities course (3)
  • ___   ___   Humanities course (3)
  • ___   ___   Humanities course (3)
  • ___   ___   History course (3)
  • ___   ___   Social Science course (3)
  • ___   ___   Mathematics course (3)

Plus Electives Needed for the 124 Hour Degree Requirement (33)

APS Foundations