Mar 21, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Integrated Music Grades P-12 - Vocal/Choral Concentration, B.S.

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Integrated Music Grades P-12 Major

Audition Requirements: All students who wish to major or minor in music must have the approval of the music faculty, based on an entering performance audition. A student who successfully passes the entrance audition will be admitted to the music program through the sophomore level, at which time a second audition will determine eligibility for upperclassman standing. Auditions on campus are generally held during prospective student visit weekends. Applicants may also submit a video audition. Audition requests may be submitted online at this website:

Music Scholarships: Students who desire consideration for Music Performance Scholarships (which are available to future music majors, music minors, and other musically gifted students as well) must complete a successful musical performance audition.

Ensembles: Primary ensembles at Asbury are those that exist in support of the degree requirements for music majors and minors. Students must not only register for an ensemble but also meet that ensemble’s membership requirements in order to participate. Further information about Asbury University Music Ensembles may be found on our website:

Recital Requirement: All music majors must present a recital of high caliber in accordance with music department standards. These standards are found in the “Recital Requirements & Guidelines” document on the Music Department’s website

Recital Attendance: All music majors and minors are required to attend a minimum number of recitals.

Piano Requirements For All Music Majors:

  1. Non-keyboard music majors must enroll in Functional Piano (151, 152, & 251) concurrently with the freshman and sophomore music theory courses; this enrollment in Functional Piano must continue without interruption until all required courses have been passed.
  2. Keyboard music majors are required to take: PNO 161, 162, 261, 262.

Private Lessons: All Music majors and minors are required to take private music lessons which are available on piano, organ, voice, handbells, all orchestral and band instruments, and guitar. A private lesson fee per credit is charged in addition to tuition credit. Students request private lessons by registering for INS 999 (Instrumental), ORG 999 (organ), PNO 999 (piano), or the appropriate VOC (voice) lessons number. Documents on private lessons are found on the Music Department’s website


Major Requirements (88.5-94.5) (65.5 Core + 10-11 Major Instrument Requirement + 11-18 Education Track)

Teacher Education Program Requirements  

Ensemble required - minimum one every semester except student teaching: (7)

  • __ 0-1 (x7) ENS ___ Fall / Spring 20___

Recital Attendance - one every semester except student teaching: (7)

Select One Major Instrument

Choose Instrumental, Organ, Piano or Voice to complete keyboard and lessons requirements.

Based on Major Instrument Above Complete 7 Appropriate Private Lessons:

† Voice students may substitute VOC 100  for the first semester of private lessons, depending upon audition results.

Private Lessons required every semester except student teaching*:

  • INS / ORG / PNO / VOC† 211 / 212 Fall / Spring 20___
  • INS / ORG / PNO / VOC 211 / 212 Fall / Spring 20___
  • INS / ORG / PNO / VOC 211 / 212 Fall / Spring 20___
  • INS / ORG / PNO / VOC 211 / 212 Fall / Spring 20___
  • INS / ORG / PNO / VOC 211 / 212 Fall / Spring 20___
  • INS / ORG / PNO / VOC 211 / 212 Fall / Spring 20___
  • INS / ORG / PNO / VOC 211 / 212 Fall / Spring 20___

Vocal/Choral Concentration (11-12)

[Note * If the Vocal Proficiency is required and is not completed by the end of the sophomore year, students must enroll in voice lessons beginning with the first term of the junior year.]

Plus Foundations Requirements (44)

Traditional Undergraduate Foundations  

(3 hours Fine Arts satisfied by required major courses; Foreign Language not required for B.S.MUSE majors. Degree becomes B.A. with completion of Foreign Language.)

Plus electives if needed for the 124 hour degree requirement

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