May 28, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Associate of Arts Degree (Liberal Arts)

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Foundations (49) (50) (May vary 44 - 59 due to placement or *prerequisite requirements)

See “Undergraduate Degree Requirements” > “Foundations ” for the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

Introduction - Engaging Liberal Arts

required only of the following:

All new students who are first time, full-time in college since high school graduation even those having dual enrollment college credits exceeding 30.0 and all new transfer students with less than 30.0 college credits.

SLO 1: Integrating Christian Faith & Cult. (12)

SLO 2: Discovering Human Thought & Creative Expression (12-15)

Satisfy two college writing requirements

SLO 3: Engaging Society & Global Responsibility 7-16)

Complete cultural engagement course:

Complete Foreign Language:

Satisfy through 201 level in one language by course or placement (3) CHN, FRN, GRK, HEB, LAT, OR SPN

  • __ 3* ___ 101 _____________________
  • __ 3* ___ 102 _____________________
  • __ 3   ___ 201 _____________________

*Language 101 and 102 may be waived based on language placement test results. 

SLO 4: Achieving Quantitative & Critical Literacy (3-6)

Complete quantitative requirement:

[College Algebra & Pre-calculus do not satisfy the requirement.]

*If Math score of ACT 21, pre-2016 SAT 500, new SAT 530 or lower complete sequence MAT 118 / MAT 119.
[ MAT 118 cannot satisfy LA enrichment.]

SLO 5: Searching the Natural World and the Environment (6)

Complete one science with lab (4 credits total):

  • __ 3-4 BIO/CHE/ESC/PHY _______ (lecture)
  • __ 0-1 BIO/CHE/ESC/PHY _______ (lab)

Complete Health and Physical Activity

[Limit of 4.0 credits of PE may count towards degree total, and no more than 2.0 credits of the PE can be from Varsity Sports participation.]

Complete 3 Credits in Liberal Arts Enrichment:

Choose any ONE 3 credit course from those listed above, not otherwise required, and not in major (may also use a Foreign Language course 202 or above). [ENG 100  and MAT 118  may not be used here.]

Foundations of (44-59)

Traditional Undergraduate Foundations 

Plus Elective Hours Needed for the 60 Hour Degree Requirement (1-16)

  • 50% of the degree requirements (30 credits) must be completed at Asbury University.
  • NOTE: Students who previously earned their associate’s degree from Asbury University must reapply and be readmitted for the B.A. or B.S. degree^.
  • ^Students who obtain their associate degree from Asbury University and continue towards a B.A. or B.S. degree in the traditional undergraduate program at Asbury are then required to satisfy the Cultural Immersion Experience CCE 150EX  requirement for the bachelor’s degree.
  • Traditional undergraduate students who transfer to the APS program for a bachelor’s of science degree will be required to complete any different or additional courses for Foundations required in that program.

Extra Optional Emphasis (18-32)

Student may choose to complete a minor, but minor is not required. 50% of a minor emphasis must be completed at Asbury University. Please refer to the minor sheets for specific classes.

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