Oct 21, 2021  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Biology - Pre-Nursing (Cooperative program with accredited School of Nursing), B.A.

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Asbury University offers a major in Pre-Nursing which provides options to students interested in pursuing a career in nursing.  See restrictions below the course list.

To graduate must complete all major requirements, foundational requirements, and additional electives needed for 124 hour minimum degree requirement.

Choose BIO 322 or 379 or Health Care course:

Choose one Health Care course not used above:

  • ____ 3   HC   ______________________

Complete 30 Nursing Transfer hours:

  • ___ 30 +  T-PNR courses

  Credits transferred from an accredited four-year school of nursing

Plus Foundations Requirements (43)

Foundations - Traditional Undergraduates  

(3 hours Social Science and 4 hours Science satisfied by required major courses.)

Plus electives needed for the 124 hour degree requirement (4)

Biology Pre-Nursing Restrictions

  1. BION Student completes the major requirements at Asbury. BION majors transfer to an accredited 4-year school of nursing to complete the major and the AU degree by finishing one full-time year (30.0 hours) of nursing courses. These credits must be officially transferred back to Asbury University to receive an AU degree. Students must have 124.0 total hours to receive an AU degree.
  2. BION Student may not have a double major. If completing any other Asbury major the Pre-Nursing major will not be listed. Student will complete and graduate from Asbury University in the other major only. However, any student who is preparing to apply for nursing or medical schools should contact the Health Professions advisor about taking required pre-nursing or pre-medical courses outside their declared major.
  3.  ^Transfer course restrictions: 50% of the BION major must be completed at Asbury University (minimum 39.0 major hours at Asbury), as the transferred nursing hours account are large portion of the major. If more than 8 credits of the below listed major courses are taken at other schools, the student will be required to take additional Asbury University course hours in BIO, PSY, CHE, or SOC to account for the 50% needed at Asbury.
  4. The 75.0 hours maximum transfer rule applies and includes the 30.0 nursing hours which limits all other transfer hours and institutional credit to 45 hours.
  5. All Pre-Nursing students are reviewed at the end of the sophomore year (60.0 cumulative hours). After 2 years, students should have no grade below a “C” in all BIO and CHE courses, a minimum science GPA of 3.00, and a cumulative GPA of 3.00, in order to continue in the program.
  6. Changing out of the BION major - A student who decides not to pursue nursing needs to make this decision by their junior year to allow sufficient time to complete the courses needed for another major. Discuss major changes with the Health Professions advisor.

Biology Pre-Nursing Completion

  1. Students may complete an Asbury University degree by transferring to and completing credits at an approved school of nursing in their fourth year. Students take a prescribed course of study (BION) and the AU Foundations courses at Asbury University. The BION major must transfer to an accredited 4-year school of nursing. Upon completing a full-time (30 hours) year of professional nursing courses the credits must be transferred back to Asbury University to complete the Bachelor of Arts degree in Pre-Nursing. Asbury has an arrangement only with UK-CON for accepting qualified Asbury students, but other Schools of Nursing may be used.

A. University of Kentucky - College of Nursing (UK-CON) - Students can complete two degrees by successfully completing this program, a  Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Nursing from Asbury and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Kentucky. Participating students take the prescribed course of study at Asbury, including the Foundations courses, and then transfer to University of Kentucky -College of Nursing. To complete the Asbury University degree in Pre-Nursing the first 30 credits of nursing courses from UK must be officially transferred to Asbury University upon completion.

B. Other schools of Nursing - Students may transfer to other approved nursing schools although there is no agreement on admission or programs at these other schools. The Asbury degree is completed by the official transfer of the first 30 credits of nursing courses. Degrees and requirements for the other nursing schools vary. The school must be approved for use in the Pre-Nursing degree program.

  1. Students may complete the pre-nursing requirements and seek admission to a nursing program without completing the Asbury three year pre-nursing curriculum and the Foundations requirements. This option will not lead to a degree from Asbury. No transfer of nursing courses would be needed.
  2. Students with other Asbury majors may complete pre-nursing requirements without declaring the BION major. Contact the Health Professions Advisor if you are interested in any nursing/medical related field.

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