Oct 21, 2021  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Leadership & Ministry, B.S.

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The Leadership and Ministry major is intended to prepare students by 1) providing a strong academic background in leadership skills, 2) furthering Biblical knowledge, and 3) augmenting ministry expertise. Christian concepts are foundational to the program. In addition, life and work experiences of students add richness to the program. A Christian worldview provides a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the leadership and ministry areas.

The Curriculum is intended for working adults with about one or two years or more of previously obtained credit and whose purposes for enrolling may include, but are not limited to, (1) individuals wanting to obtain leadership positions, (2) persons who want to work in areas pertaining to ministry, including lay ministry and professional programs, (3) persons who want to build their pastoral skills, and (4) individuals preparing for graduate school or seminary.


To graduate must complete all major requirements, foundations requirement, and additional electives needed for 124 hour minimum degree requirement.

Foundations Required (39)

(48 less 9 hours Foundations in Biblical Studies satisfied by required major courses.)

Required Composition (3)


  • __ 3 (X2) Communication and/or Writing (6)
  • __ 3____ Literature (3)
  • __ 3 (X3) Humanities: Philosophy, Fine Arts Appreciation, Literature (9)
  • __ 3____ History (3)
  • __ 3 (X2) Social Science, History (6)
  • __ 3____ Mathematics (3)
  • __ 3____ Mathematics, Science and/or Technology (3)
  • __ 3____ Science (3)

Plus (31) Elective Hours Needed for the 124 Hour Degree Requirement

APS Foundations  

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