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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

English Language Pathway Program

The English Language Pathway undergraduate program at Asbury University is designed to teach intensive English skills for academic purposes and exists to help nonnative English speakers who have TOEFL scores of 60-79 acquire the English skills needed to take classes at Asbury University. The Asbury ELP is a two semester program.

Admittance: International students who apply to Asbury University with a TOEFL score of less than 80 but more than 59, and who otherwise meet the academic criteria for admission, may be conditionally admitted to Asbury University with the conditions being that they will be enrolled in the English Language Pathway program. The ELP Program is a five-course, two semester program with students required to take three (3) EL classes in the fall and two (2) EL classes in the spring.

Students who enter this program will adhere to the same guidelines and criteria for all students who have been admitted to Asbury University, including the Christian life expectations.

Curricular Content

The ELP program has been developed to allow students to take courses for college credit, both traditional undergraduate classes and EL courses, counted as electives toward their degree. In this program they will learn the English skills necessary to be successful at the college level. The required ELP program classes would consist of 9 hours a semester and focus on acquiring needed English skills.  Traditional undergraduate classes would make up 3 to 6 hours per semester and would be non- language intense courses. These classes would be chosen with each student’s English skill level in mind, allowing them to be successful in the course with minor accommodations for English learners and/or with ELP help. Prior to any ELP student enrolling in these classes the language requirements of the course will be evaluated by the Director of the ELP program.

English Language Pathway courses 

EL 101  English Integrated Skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

EL 102   American Cultures

EL 103   Christian Life and Language

EL 104   Oral Communication

  • ELP students must enroll in 3 English Language (EL) content-based courses (9 hours) in the fall semester, and 2 EL courses (6 hours) in the spring semester. 
  • The English Language (EL) courses serve as elective credits for an AU degree.
  • EL courses are taught by ESL instructors with TESOL certification.
  • Enrollment in these courses is limited to students in the ELP program.
  • Course content will include American life and perspectives, Christian faith traditions, language acquisition, academic life, and other topics to help the student be successful, in conjunction with helping the student acquire English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for academic purposes.  
  • The second semester EL course, ENG 105  Written Communication, will satisfy ENG 100 College Writing I for the Foundations requirement and serve as prerequisite for ENG 110 College Writing II.

Regular Asbury University undergraduate courses 

  • The ELP student will take Traditional undergraduate non-language intense Foundations courses selected and approved by the Director of the ELP program.
  • These Traditional Undergraduate courses are taught by Asbury faculty.
  • When enrolled in these courses, the ELP students are integrated with traditional students.
  • These courses satisfy the Foundations requirements towards the undergraduate degree.
  • The ELP program will also include mandatory tutoring time and group tutoring through the Center for Academic Excellence or working in conjunction with TESOL education students.


Assessment of the student’s progress in English will be the ELP Director doing an individual student review, including class instructor’s evaluation or letter of recommendation, the student’s ELP portfolio, and final grades in all classes.  With these the ELP Director will assess the student’s readiness to go on in major classes in English.  

The ELP student will be subject to regular GPA and academic satisfactory progress probation requirements. 

Retest in TOEFL will be used to assess program effectiveness, but a specific score will not be required for the student to continue.

SEVIS Requirements and Compliance

The English Language Pathway program is SEVIS compliant as it does not change the length of time students are enrolled in Asbury University.  The courses which count towards the degree as elective hours are considered to be conditional requirements for not meeting minimum admissions standards.