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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Cross Cultural Engagement

Cross Cultural Engagement

Intercultural Affairs

Esther Jadhav, Assistant Vice President for Intercultural Affairs


The University seeks to expand students’ awareness and understanding of the history and value of other peoples and cultures and prepares them for involvement in a complex and changing global reality. The Office of Intercultural Affairs (OIA) offers curricular and co-curricular opportunities in collaboration with faculty from various departments and schools that will challenge students to an increased cultural sensitivity and awareness as they develop cross-cultural competencies to effectively serve Christ in a global society. []

The Office of Intercultural Affairs administers the CCE150EX Cultural Immersion Experience requirement, a graduation requirement for all traditional undergraduate bachelor degree students. The Office of Intercultural Affairs assists students in registering for Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs.

Cross Cultural Engagement (CCE)

Shannon Montgomery, Coordinator, Cross Cultural Engagement

The Cross-Cultural Engagement (CCE) course and experience strengthens students’ abilities to interact with the world community, to expand their worldview, and to increase their cultural sensitivity with the ultimate goals of a broadened awareness as to how they might fit into God’s plan of redemption in other cultures, and a developed competency to effectively serve Christ in a global society.  See also -

Policy Summary

Beginning Fall 2020 and on, all Traditional Undergraduate students seeking an Asbury University Bachelor’s degree will be required to satisfy the Cross-Cultural Engagement CCE 150  1.0 credits and Cultural Immersion Experience CCE 150EX  0.5 credits.  (Students enrolled prior to Fall 2020 complete the CCE requirements under the previous bulletin.)

  • Students with more than 60 transferred credits at the time of matriculation (Note: AP and college credits earned prior to high school graduation do not count towards the 60 credits) may be considered to waive CCE 150EX , the immersion experience, but are required to take CCE 150   Cross-Cultural Engagement & Responsibility.
  • International students or those who have lived extensively outside of the US and Canada may not have to travel to complete their CCE 150EX requirement, but are required to satisfy the CCE150EX paperwork and academic requirements with the CCE office. 
  • Students seeking the Associate’s degree at Asbury must complete the CCE 150  course for that degree.  Upon graduation with the AA degree if electing to continue for a Bachelor’s degree student must then complete the CCE150EX Cultural Immersion Experience. 

Graduation Requirement and deadlines

A student cannot graduate until the full Cultural Immersion Experience has been completed. CCE 150EX  travel/experience, and all CCE150EX assignments & final paper must be completed before the end of the term to be eligible for that term’s graduation date. Students completing CCE travel or final assignments/paper after the official end date of each term  are not eligible to graduate with that term’s graduation date. Students should complete all CCE 150EX assignments by end of term to allow time for the Intercultural Affairs office to submit CCE final approval forms to the Registrar’s Office prior to the grading deadline. (See TUG Academic Calendar for the last date of classes for each term.) Late CCE assignments /papers submitted after the end of the term will cause the student’s graduation to be moved to the next term.

The Cultural Immersion Experience CCE 150EX

Asbury’s Cultural Immersion Experience CCE 150EX  is an immersion into another culture, engaging the student in a variety of life-spheres (family, education, religion, art, media, economics, and government). Most experiences will expose the student to cultural dynamics outside of the United States. The experience must satisfy one of the options listed and must be of sufficient length and intensity to have an adequate impact upon the worldview of the participant.

Criteria Considered for a CCE150EX Cultural Immersion Experience Requirement

  1. Geographic location: Can be completed either on the Stateside or Abroad - must be a cross-cultural immersion for the student.
  2. Exposure to various levels of ethnic and cultural diversity: such as language, customs, and worldviews
  3. Time frame: May be completed as early as the summer preceding the senior year of high school
  4. Length: Minimum of six nights and seven days in context

Options for Satisfying the CCE150EX Cultural Immersion Experience Requirement

  1. Off-Campus Programs and Study Abroad Programs that are semester/summer-long and approved by the Office of Academic Affairs. Please see the AU Study Abroad Programs and international programs listed under “Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs ”.  (Not all stateside Off-Campus Programs or mission organization trips are eligible.)
  2. Participation in an approved cross-cultural, short-term travel course, sponsored by an Asbury University faculty member and/or department
  3. Participation in an approved cross-cultural mission related or volunteer trip with an Asbury University faculty member and/or staff member
  4. Participation in an approved non-Asbury University program that meets the Cross-Cultural Engagement criteria and is sponsored by groups such as: a mission agency, a local church, a denomination, a para-church group, or nonprofit organization
  5. Participation in the Asbury Initiative Program
  6. Individual travel, course substitutions, programs, or projects and state-side proposals to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Procedures & Process to Complete the CCE150EX Requirement

  1. Prior to traveling, every student must complete CCE 150  and submit a CCE immersion proposal with the Office of Intercultural Affairs and it must meet approval.
  2. Asbury University reserves the right to exclude from off-campus participation any student who is involved in conduct leading to disciplinary action or who may have a disability which cannot be accommodated.
  3. Depending on the type of travel, students may need to fill out travel and liability forms with Asbury University.
  4. All students traveling abroad under Asbury University authority must obtain travel and health insurance, which is available directly through the Office of Intercultural Affairs.
  5. Before departing, students must meet all paperwork and academic requirements.
  6. Upon returning, students must complete their CCE 150EX academic requirements and evaluations within 30 days after returning from the trip.
  7. Credit for completing the requirement will be listed as institutional credit on student’s academic audit with the course designation: CCE 150EX .